Audi A6 for Rs 17 lakh: Chennai after flood is car lovers’ paradise


While many among us witnessed shocking images of flooded roads and submerged cars on our television screens during the floods that struck southern India last year, certain fortune hunters were resourceful enough to look beyond the tragedy to spot a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Today, many among them – automobile dealers as well as individual buyers – are making a beeline for a city that’s giving away luxury vehicles worth crores for a fraction of their actual price tag.

The bargains are unbelievable – a 2009 model BMW or an Audi for as low as Rs 2 lakh, a Land Rover worth Rs 1.25 crore for a mere Rs 18 lakh – and it only gets better. The competition is heating up now, and an ever-increasing number of people are taking the opportunity to score some wheels that they could otherwise imagine owning only in their wildest of dreams.
If you are really lucky, like textile manufacturer T Mathavraja from Salem turned out to be, you could drive home in a 2014 model Audi A6 that doesn’t even need any tinkering. Revealing that he paid just Rs 17 lakh for the car, an audibly excited Mathavraja gushed over the phone: “No, I did not even have to spend a paisa on repairs, not even for cleaning the vehicle! I just got in and began driving.”



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