April 2015

The luxury buyer

California realtor Lisa Karos talks fast and pretty much non-stop. It serves her well in her chosen profession. One can imagine Karos’ clients succumbing to a fusillade of words, throwing up their hands and crying, “Uncle!” as they hand over a six-figure down payment. Today, though, Karos isn’t talking about tony homes along the shores […]

Car museum in Coimbatore to display vintages and luxury cars

COIMBATORE: There’s some good news for Coimbatore, well-known for its passion for fast cars and racing. The city will soon boast of a car museum replete with vintages and latest models. From a replica of the first car in the world to recent sports cars, the Geedee Car Museum promises to be a car lover’s […]

Materials Used in Conductors

Conductors are materials that permit the flow of electricity through wires and cables. A conductor resistance depends on its dimensions and the materials it is made of. Conduction materials include metals, semi conductors, super conductors, plasmas, electrolytes, and sometimes even non-metallic conductors like graphite and polymers. Tower and Conductor distributors in India like Diatron provide […]

car news

Four arrested for stealing luxury cars in south Delhi

NEW DELHI: A gangster and the son-in-law of a senior Uttarakhand government official have been arrested along with two others for stealing luxury cars from south Delhi. Police said they would buy discarded vehicles at cheap rates and replace them with the stolen vehicles. “A team led by SHO RK Puram, Neeraj Kumar, arrested the […]

100 Cars

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Has Bought Over 100 Cars From The Same Dealership

Boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. makes a ridiculous amount of money. According to Forbes, he is the highest paid athlete in the world, raking in $105 million last year, none of which came from endorsements. Let me reiterate that, not a single dollar of the $105 million he made came from endorsements! In his […]

Supercars aims to give a ‘Nitro Boost’ to students’ careers in the luxury auto segment

Supercars aims to expose engineering, diploma, and management students in India to tech and non-tech training of high end luxury cars by holding workshops on demand. Their goal is to bridge the technology gap and make students and fresh graduates aware about the luxury car segment. Their services can be categorized into four segments: training, […]

Leduc Auto Repair: An Essential for your Vehicle

You will not repent your few added U.S.A. greenbacks someone allotted to your automotive or truck preservation. These sorts of Vehicle care stores will give someone the foremost useful solutions within the market. many of us conduct smaller automotive or truck mend, methodology automotive or truck mend for you to truck mend additionally. You’ll find […]