November 2014

New Ride: 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Ford’s soul line is adding a Sport model, a high of the road edition to the current common crossover SUV. The 2013 Ford soul Sport goes on sale this year, conveyance with it a brand new engine and a regular four-wheel-drive system. The soul Sport’s worth has however to be declared, however can doubtless are […]


Experiencing driver less vehicles

Driver less vehicle area unit currently additional entering into on the roads. This new technology has wedged the manner folks wont to drive on the road. There area unit many factors these driver less vehicle can produce a distinction in automobile market. One of the explanations is that driverless won’t cause any loss of human […]


Indian Army’s Favorite SUV the Nissan Patrol 60

In the sixties the Indian Army was probing for a rugged vehicle to be used within the mountain regions of the Himalaya Mountains. The Chinese attack had created it imperative that the military required a vehicle to barter the mountain range Mountain ranges and dirt tracks that abounded in this region. The Indian Army finally […]

Jaguar announces AWD tech for F-Type ahead of LA Auto Show debut

Jaguar has announced that it will showcase its F-Type range at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show and while that may not come off as a big surprise to fans of the two-seater sports car, the range will include the much-awaited all-wheel drive version that will keep the crowd engaged at the brand’s show floor. […]